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Massed Band Drum Settings

The following drum settings appear to be the ones in most common use in the areas that our band covers. A lot of the settings have four parts illustrated but in practice only the 1st two parts tend to be played.

Local Massed Bands usually only play the 1st two parts and on a parade they will commonly play in numerical order i.e. 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 then 6/8 and repeat.

'Scotland the Brave’ will be the only tune that reverts back to the 1st part for a 2nd Timing.

2:4 Settings

3:4 Settings

4:4 Settings

6:8 Settings

Slow Air

Highland Cathedral

The following settings are less common in massed bands but have been derived from the settings above.

9:8 Settings (based on 6:8)

12:8 Setting (based on 6:8)

5:4 Cullen Bay (based on 3:4)

These settings are even less common in massed band but some simple examples are illustrated.

Strathspey Setting

Reel Setting

Hornpipe Setting

Jig Setting

La Baum

Flower of Scotland

Street Beat

Skye Boat Song

The following drum fanfares have been used on occasion.

Elementary Fanfare

Simple Fanfare

To finish off here are the 2021 Massed Band settings from the ANAPBA.

2:4 Setting

3:4 Setting

4:4 Setting

6:8 Setting