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14 November 2021

At last, all the kids kitted out for the Armistice Parade. Well done to everyone who took part in their 1st big parade

27 October 2021

Just received the final statement from the Coop Community Fund. Just under £1,400 for the year. All of our thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last 12 months.

8 September 2021

Restart of Practises in St Andrews Blackadder

Following Guidance from the RSPBA and incorporating the Covid requirements of the Church we are able to initially restart tutoring for the learners and from 1st week in October resume full Band practises, albeit with restrictions.

1 August 2021

Loanhead Gala

The first formal (in uniform) event for 17 months. Well done to all the first timers who were out with us. They stepped up their game and all performed really well. See some of the Photos in the Gallery Page.

Start of a busy week with Leuchie House on Tuesday, Usual practise on Wednesday and the Abbey Care Home on Friday (Phew!)

20 May 2021

Tom Fergusson

Sadly we have to report the passing of Tom Fergusson.

Tom was a founder member of the current incarnation of North Berwick Pipe Band formed in 1957. Tom has continued to serve and support the Band as a piper, Pipe Major (1972-1980), a tutor, President (2005-2012) and a general supporter and helper right up until the current date. In recognition of his continuing involvement with the Band, Tom was made Honorary Life President in 2018. Sadly Tom passed away on 20 May 2021.

5 May 2021

Rehearsals on the Green

With the better weather we have restarted our socially distanced practices on the Green. At present the learners from 6.00pm and the rest of the band from 6.30pm.

13 January 2021

An interpretation of the Covid requirements

Music and Singing

Non-professionals who are participating in an organised outdoor activity managed by an organisation such as a business, charity or club can meet outdoors in local authorities within levels 0 or 1. Organisers should undertake all distancing and hygiene requirements as well as a risk assessment. Groups can proceed with their activity if they can do so in a way that ensures that there is no interaction between individuals or individual households. If they cannot ensure that physical distancing is not compromised - including when arriving at or leaving an activity or in any breaks or socialising - then such non-professional activity should not take place.

Sport and Exercise

It could be argued that that there is little difference between band activities (in particular if electronic chanters are being used) and Sport and Exercise activities. These extracts are taken from Church of Scotland Guidance.

Within different protection level areas there are different rules on what sport and exercise groups (including dance groups) can take place within a place of worship.

Level 0 – Indoor and Outdoor classes for all ages are permitted to take place.

Level 1 – Indoor and Outdoor classes for all ages, except indoor contact sports for over 18s are permitted to take place (with exception of professional sports)

Level 2 – Indoor and Outdoor classes for all ages, except indoor contact sports for over 18s are permitted to take place (with exception of professional sports)

Level 3 – Indoor classes for under 18s only are permitted and outdoor classes are permitted with the exception of no outdoor contact sports for those 18 or over (with the exception of professional sport)

Level 4 –  No indoor activities are permitted and only outdoor classes for non-contact sports are permitted (with the exception of professional sport)

Enhanced Level 4 – No indoor activities or outdoor classes are permitted.

8 January 2021

Glimmer of Hope as the RSPBA Pull Out All the Stops for Pipe Band Season 2021

Extract from Piping Press on 8 January 2021:

Some promising comments for the competition season this year. Click on this link to read the article from the Piping Press.

November 2020

Following the Science – A systematic literature review of studies surrounding singing and brass, woodwind and bagpipe playing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1 October 2020

Start of our year as a beneficiary from the Coop Local Community Fund. Coop members can select a specific charity to support with their Coop spend. Any unnominated spend is divided among the 3 beneficiary groups in the local area.

18 March 2020

All Band activities suspended due to Covid Pandemic

The Band’s Constitutional clause 29.2 regarding the dissolution of the Band states is recorded that the Band has failed to appear in public throughout the previous two seasons…

Years 2020 and 2021 have been and will be exceptional due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the restrictions on public interactions. The last official appearance of the Band was at a wedding at Harvest Moon, Lochhouses on 29 February 2020.

In spite of this we have had individuals playing at the Fidra Nursing Home, the Abbey Care Home, Leuchie House and Hilton Lodge, Haddington at various points throughout the year. With the raising of restrictions during the summer months we were able to have some informal practices on Elcho Green in North Berwick and also a Band performance in July at Leuchie house to celebrate their 9 years as an independent charity. We also had one of our young members piping a socially distanced Santa for the switch on the North Berwick Christmas lights.