North Berwick Pipe Band

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Leading Drummer

Derek Easton

Pipe Major

Eddie McFadzean

North Berwick Pipe Band

at the Pavilion - 1960’s

The side drummers (from left to right) are:

John Wilson, Lyndsay Sheilds, Alistair Hugonnet and James Pope

Thanks to Alistair Hugonnet for this information

Three Generations

Junior Band Pipe Major -

Gavin Black, son Ruari Black, father-in-law Lyle Crawford


Colin Townsend and

Graeme McNicol


Derek Dunn and

Ewen MacLean

On the Way to the Lodge - 2014

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The Newly formed North Berwick Pipe Band outside the

Marine Hotel, North Berwick circa 1957

Sir C Hepburn, Red Hackle Whisky - Donation allowed the band to adopt the Mackenzie Seaforth Tartan for he kilts

Drum Major:  Jack M. McGregor

Pipe Major:    Ben Aikman

Pipers:            Tom Fergusson, Ian Russell, Tony Patsky, J Logan, Gordon Elliot,

     Andrew Seton, John Wilson, David Millar & Jim Runciman

Drummers:     Brian McKenzie, Norman Weightman & Norman Lorignman

Bass Drum:    Willie Adams

The Lodge - 2017